Here are the updated rosters as per your registration as of November 25th.

Spares are not listed on here, although we appreciate you all, and also know some of you are playing almost as full-time, to which again we thank you.


    BLUE     RED
1 John Rich (Coord) FT 1 Mike Pond (Coord) FT
2 Bob Flather Goalie 2 Bruce Patton Goalie
3 Ray Zibrik FT 3 Kurt Pachal FT
4 Don Richards FT 4 Mike Crevier FT
5 Keith Preston FT 5 Bryan Douglas FT
6 Mike Goehring FT 6 Anthony El-Araj FT
7 Graham Rudd Sunday 7 Mark Leng Sunday
8 Ian Scott Sunday 8 Daryl Bishop Sunday
9 Yassir Yassin Weeknights 9 Warren Cartwright Sunday
10 Greg Joyce Weeknights 10 Bob Quakenbush Sunday
11 Perry Skalenda Weeknights 11 Danny Miller Weeknights
12 Ted von Dehn Weeknights 12 Winston Szeto Weeknights
13 Trevor Boggie Weeknights 13 Nick Burzese Weeknights
14 Dan Thederahn Weeknights
15 Bob Fortuna Weeknights
16 Bill Chen Weeknights
17 Quinn Dawson Weeknights
1 Don Furseth FT 1 Geoff Hall (Coord) FT
2 Rob Koval Goalie 2 Nick Cairns Goalie
3 Rob Young (Coord) FT 3 Tim Botham FT
4 Mike Doggett FT 4 Karol Mikulash FT
5 Blair Walker FT 5 Dave Wood FT
6 Bruce Sunga FT 6 Cono Spitale FT
7 AJ Vickery FT 7 Todd Skene Sunday
8 Paul Mitchison Sunday 8 Rick Milone Sunday
9 Derek Young Weeknights 9 Matt McColl Sunday
10 Gary Fitzgerald Weeknights 10 Ed Sernoksi Sunday
11 Brian Matsuo Weeknights 11 Scott Robinson Weeknights
12 Doddy Wijanta Weeknights 12 Ted Nitta Weeknights
13 Rob Kraft Weeknights
14 Gary Lo Weeknights

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