Welcome to KOHA

The Kerrisdale Old-Timers Hockey League

Over 35 years of safe, clean hockey in Vancouver, BC playing at UBC (Pro-Trans Arena & Father Bauer Arena), and the Cyclone Taylor Kerrisdale Arena.

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KOHA is a safe men’s hockey league with sportsmanship, and gentlemanly play valued above all else.

We are a group of 35-65 year old guys who love hockey, sportsmanship, great camaraderie, and perhaps a beer at the pub afterwards.


League Structure

KOHA is structured into 4 teams.

Each team plays twice a week:



Sunday mornings
at UBC

All four teams play at either:

8:30am or 8:45am

Pro-Trans / Father Bauer Arena
and each team will also play either:



at Cyclone Taylor Kerrisdale Arena


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Here’s a video to tell you why KOHA is good, clean and safe hockey!

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