New KOHA Players :: What you need to know

Welcome to KOHA!

Here are a few things you need to know

These may be different from other leagues you may have played in:


We play by ASHL rules, but have these additionally:


  1. No slapshots – 15″ maximum off the ice¬†allowable to raise your stick to shoot – (3 minute minor penalty)
  2. No high-sticking (3 minute minor penalty) – Waiving at the puck with a high-stick may also result in a minor penalty
  3. No bodychecking (3 minute minor penalty)
  4. No offensive comments or behaviour towards an opponent or a teammate


  • Icing is called from the your own BLUELINE, not the Red Line at center ice


  • Time is 60 minutes of running time
  • Games have 15 min (or less) for warmup. Puck drop is 15min past posted time on schedule, and runs for 60 min after that


Please register on the website. This allows you to be eligible for insurance, and for us to track your stats.


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