Here are the rosters for the upcoming 2014/2015 season of KOHA.





Coodinator: Rob Young Geoff Hall John Rich Cono Spitale
Goalie: Bruce Patton Nick Cairns Bob Flather Rob Koval
Skaters: AJ Vickery Chris Hoeschen Bruce Sunga Blair Walker
Bill Chen Daryl Bishop Darren Larter Dave Mang
Brian Matsuo Dennis Peregrym Don Richards Doddy W.
Dan Thederahn Ed Sernoski Graham Rudd Don Furseth
Derek Young Francis Keong Greg Smith Ed von Dehn
Gary Fitzgerald Jeff Everett Jack Cales Gary Lo
Jeff Steffler Ken Starko Mark Leng Greg Joyce
Keith Preston Mike Crevier Mike Goehring Ian Scott
Kurt Pachal Mike Doggett Nick Burzese John M. Sole
Paul Zanni Rob Kraft Perry Skalenda Justin Turcotte
Ted Nitta Tim Botham Ray Zibrik Mike St. Pierre
Todd Skene Yasser Yassin Russ Vallee Paul Mitchison
Trevor Boggie Rick Milone
Tim Kanik
Warren C.

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